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- Powerful Language in action

How to develop techniques for persuading and convincing others in business.

Persuasive language is needed whenever you need to convince and influence other people , sell them products or services, or just to  make a point.

How convincing is your language?

Language is a powerful tool that, with the right knowledge, can be used to achieve your goals. There are many simple techniques you can use to sound more convincing. There are also certain ‘power words’ that hold more sway over how our decision-making process is influenced than others.

"He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word."

Joseph Conrad

In this seminar, you will learn how to make your language more compelling through use of different communication techniques and styles that are not found in typical ESL books. Learn important English vocabulary needed to persuade effectively. You will learn how to introduce your point, support your point, respond to counter-arguments and close your case.

Course participants will be looking at many practical examples of how to use these techniques correctly in everyday business life.


  • The basic understanding of different personalities and persuasion styles.
  • Using the language of persuasion
  • Using powerful, persuasive vocabulary and phrases
  • Identifying techniques and tools to be more persuasive and convincing
    • How to use effective rhetorical methods to make your point
    • Speaking with impact
    • The right intonation
    • The effect of using personal pronouns
    • The language of emphasis
    • Using rhetorical questions
    • Using emotive language
    • Repetition in use
    • The power of three

Teaching Methods

This is a hands-on, interactive seminar. The emphasis is on expanding your vocabulary and communication techniques, as well as practicing using these as much as possible. The  focus will be on discussions, pair and group work, language input, short case studies and role plays.

Language Level

Intermediate learners of English  and upwards (B2 and higher)


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16 Unterrichtseinheiten á 45 Minuten
Dauer: 2 Tage
Sprachlevel ab B2

Target audience: 
Managers and members of staff who work in an international environment and are interested in bringing their language skills to the next level.

Die Seminare werden im Hotel & Restaurant Anders oder im Castanea Resort Adendorf durchgeführt.

  • Gruppen mit 5-10 Teilnehmern
  • Speziell entwickelt für Führungskräfte

€ 769,00 / Teilnehmer
zzgl. MwSt. & zzgl. € 19,90 Materialkosten
2 Kaffeepausen am Vor- und Nachmittag mit Gebäck, Mittagessen aus der Speisekarte, Tagungsgetränke inklusive


Dieses Seminar gibt es auch als Onlinekurs

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