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A complete guide to a more sensitive and respectful use of English in business.

Have you ever struggled to find the right words to say something in a diplomatic and tactful manner?

Made in Germany is a symbol of quality. Germans communicate in a very straightforward and goal-oriented manner: They address problems clearly and criticize openly because they strive for quick solutions. However, many German phrases could appear harsh and cause awkwardness when translated directly into English.

“Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”

Isaac Newton

Tact and diplomacy are essential skills that let you smoothen any friction that might arise in daily communication and allows communicators with different viewpoints to find common ground and understanding without annoying each other. Basically, the skill of tact and diplomacy is about maintaining good business relationships.

In this seminar you will learn how to put your point across in a way that does not offend and frustrate others. 

Upon completing this seminar, you will feel confident and comfortable communicating with diplomacy, tact and professionalism, improving your business relationships as a result.


  • Identifying diplomatic and tactful communication techniques
  • Words and phrases to avoid in daily communication
  • Using questioning techniques to clear up misunderstandings
  • Diplomacy versus bluntness
  • Responding in a calm and professional manner to explosive or tense situations
  • Techniques for handling disagreements
  • Understanding the subtle nuances of words
  • When to use qualifiers to soften your tone
  • Using the concentric circle of politeness in daily business
  • Focusing on positive language
  • Using grammatical structures to express more politeness, tact and diplomacy 
  • Understanding the pitfalls in cross-cultural communication

Teaching Methods

This is a hands-on, interactive seminar. The emphasis is on expanding your vocabulary and communication techniques, as well as practicing using these as much as possible. The  focus will be on discussions, pair and group work, language input, short case studies and role plays.


05MAIAll DayMastering Tact and Diplomacy - OnlineSprachlevel:ab B2 UHRZEIT: 4 Termine - 09:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Online Seminar Informationen

16 Unterrichtseinheiten á 45 Minuten
4 Termine
Sprachlevel ab B2

Geeignet für: 
Geschäftsführer, Führungskräfte, HR Manager

Dieses Grundlagenseminar ist für Einsteiger geeignet

  • 4-6 Teilnehmer pro Seminar
  • Speziell entwickelt für Führungskräfte
  • Ortsunabhängiges, interaktives Lernen

€ 579,00 / Teilnehmer
zzgl. MwSt. & zzgl. € 23,30 Digital-Materialkosten
2 Kaffeepausen am Vor- und Nachmittag mit Gebäck, Mittagessen aus der Speisekarte, Tagungsgetränke inklusive