In den letzten Tagen habe ich oft den folgenden Satz gehört:

„I am working in home office.”

Das würde man aber auf English so nicht ausdrücken, man sagt:

I’m working from home.“


  • Tips for working from home

Panic-buying in supermarkets, weeks spent in self-isolation, schools, kindergartens, and workplaces are shutting down – that’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

More and more people are setting up their workplaces at home to slow down the transmission of the Corona Virus.

Working from home is a huge adjustment for all of us.  Everyone is trying to figure out how to continue business even though we are not in the office and working from home and remotely. 

New words

English German English German
transmission Übertragung huge adjustment enorme Anpassung
figure out herausfinden remotely entfernt


Here are some tips that I have heard and read about which I would like to share:


  • Create a separate workspace in your home

I am lucky I have always had my own office at home. But for all those who suddenly need to work from home, I would strongly encourage to try, as much as possible, to create a separate space in your home that is designated as your workspace during regular working hours. This will help create a division between your work and your family life and responsibilities. Also, it signals to others in your home that when you’re in your “work-only” space, you should not be interrupted.

New words

English German English German
strongly encourage stark ermutigen designated vorgesehen
interrupted unterbrochen


  • Keep clearly defined working hours and take breaks

Just as you designate and separate your workspace, you should be clear about when you’re working and when you’re not. The most significant difference between working from home and working in the office is that you are in charge of your working hours. This means holding yourself accountable, but also recognizing when enough is enough, and it’s time to stop working. If you notice yourself extending your work hours, tell yourself it’s time to put work away, recharge your batteries, and start with a fresh mind tomorrow morning. 

Also, don’t forget to take regular breaks, ideally every 60 to 90 minutes, and move around. This could be anything from doing squats, talking a walk around the block to eating your meals away from your workplace.

New words

English German English German
accountable verantwortlich to recognize erkennen
to extend verlängern to recharge your batteries neue Kräfte sammeln
squats Kniebeugen  a walk around the block kurzer Spaziergang


  • Consider what you wear

While I like to take advantage of working in sweatpants and t-shirts, some people might need some form of “workwear” that can help to get into the right mindset.

I guess what you wear is mostly a personal preference, but you should consider how you look for any video meetings. If you appear in a Skype or Zoom meeting wearing pajamas, others will notice😊.

New words

English German English German
take advantage ausnutzen sweat pants Jogginghose
mindset geistige Haltung


  • Utilize technology

Working from home requires an increased reliance on technology, and in some cases, the introduction of new technology.

If you work in an environment that has many face-to-face meetings, your team can incorporate video conferencing technologies like Skype and Zoom. Depending on your home setup, you might also want to invest in a pair of sound-cancelling headphones if household noise is an issue.

New words

English German English German
utilize nutzen increased reliance gestiegene Abhängigkeit
incorporate einbauen sound-concelling headphones Kopfhörer mit Geräuschdämpfung


Until things get better, we will just have to adapt our life to fit with the circumstances and try not to worry too much.

Keep your spirits up!